1. Notify the Building Management Office in advance if the elevators will be used to transport material and/or freight. Any damage will be the responsibility of the contractor.
  2. No propping open of exterior doors, gates or of interior doors are allowed.
  3. No work may be done on any sprinkler or any other fire equipment without 24 hours notice to the Building Management Office.
  4. The roof is not accessible unless a mechanical tie-in is in process.
  5. On occupied floors, painting may take place only after 5:30 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m. weekdays and all day on weekends. Varnishing of any kind can only take place with two full days for air circulation before the next regular business day.
  6. No use of radios is permitted.
  7. All contractors and subcontractors must have a current insurance certificate on file with the Building Management Office before commencement of work.

Loading / Parking / Traffic Control for Contractors

  • Parking is available to all contractors on all levels, provided their vehicles meet the height requirement, it is 8’2” clearance entering P1 level and 7’ clearance going to other levels.
  • Contractors are not allowed to park in the carpool parking spaces located near the elevator lobbies.
  • Contractors must use a token to exit the parking garage each day, which can be obtained from the Building Management Office. There is a 3-hour parking limit on the City garage site. Please note that the City garage is monitored frequently by the Sunnyvale Police Department and Public Safety Division. Parking tickets will be issued by the Sunnyvale Police Department and will be the responsibility of the contractor. Contractors shall not park on the street which is a 2-hour parking limit area.

Safety & Cleanliness

  • It should be anticipated that all normal OSHA safety wear and appropriate personal protective equipment will be required during construction. Further, the common areas shall be kept clean and free of debris, tools or any other tripping hazard. Appropriate traffic and pedestrian control measures must be taken when construction activities occur in the common areas.

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