Moving Rules & Regulations

The following moving rules and regulations have been developed to ensure a safe and efficient move for your organization. Following these rules and regulations will expedite your move. These rules and regulations are in no way meant to hamper or restrict your moving process, but rather to safeguard the elements involved in the process. All Tenants, Tenant Contractors and Vendors must comply with the following requirements.

Moving arrangements must be made at least 48 hours in advance through the Building Management Office. Notification can be sent to the Building Management Office, or by phone at (408) 736-7609.

The Building Management Office must be provided with company name, contact name and telephone number of the moving contractor:

  1. Moving contractors must provide the Building Management Office with appropriate Certificate of Insurance prior to the move. See attached requirements.
  2. Moving must be scheduled after-hours. After-hours have been established as before 8:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or any time on Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Masonite or plywood must be placed over common area floor tiles and/or carpeted areas (lobby, elevators, hallways, etc.) prior to any move.
  4. Corner pads must be placed on walls prior to any move.
  5. No pallet jacks are allowed in the building.
  6. Only the freight elevator can be used for moving furnishings and equipment. The freight elevator is equipped with padding material. The freight elevator cab (inside) dimension is 63" x 92" x 107", cab door opening is 47" x 96". Ceiling cannot be removed.
  7. The moving contractor must use the loading zones located on Mathilda Place or Aries Way or Altair Street. There is no loading/unloading in the red parking zones.
  8. The moving contractor must dispose all packing material, debris, protective equipment from the property. The property's dumpsters are not to be used.
  9. Tenant and/or moving contractor shall be liable for any damages incurred in the move.
  10. The Fire Marshall prohibits the blocking of any corridors, exit doors, elevators or lobbies.
  11. All wiring installed in ceiling must be plenum rated (i.e., communications and/or data wires).
  12. All re-keying of locks must be done through the Building Management Office.

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